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Primary Care Optometry

Primary care is usually the gateway to comprehensive health care. In order to maintain your health, you would normally visit your primary care physician (PCP) annually. Your PCP would then either treat you or refer you to a specialist for proper care.

Optometry has evolved into an important aspect of primary health care. Yearly eye examinations have become much more than just getting new glasses or contact lenses. Far too many diseases, such  as high blood pressure and diabetes can have ocular manifestations. Ocular diseases such as glaucoma and retinal conditions can also be diagnosed through primary eye care and then referred to  the proper specialists. Corneal ulcers and abrasions, pink eye (conjunctivitis), and dry eye syndrome  can all be treated by qualified primary eye care professionals, such as Dr. Mostaghimi. The scope of  Optometry has increased so much that it would take too many words to describe. Being cared for by  a qualified and knowledgeable eye care provider can really benefit the efficiency of your health care.


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Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma can be treated and co-managed by an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist. The goal of glaucoma management is to reduce the intra-ocular pressure and monitor for any damage to the optic nerve.
Various eye drops can be prescribed to reduce the intra-ocular pressure and certain procedures, like visual fields, must be performed regularly to minimize the potential risk of blindness.


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Kids Glasses

Pediatric & Binocular Vision Exams

Assessing the ocular health in a young child is very important to that child's development. Many eye problems can go unnoticed and eventually affect the quality of one's life. Therefore, it is to a child's, and parents, benefit to be diligent in obtaining regular eye care to monitor the development of the visual system and address possible problems.

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LASIK Consultations

Lasik Vision Correction Consultations

Lasik vision correction can be an ideal solution to obtaining good vision for many people. Most good eye surgeons will assess each individuals situation and make sure they meet certain criteria before performing laser vision correction. Optometrists co-manage with surgeons to make sure that their patients receive the best options in care and technology. Therefore, it is important for patients to be educated on their options for laser vision correction and make sure that they are co-managed with a qualified and trusted optometrist.

Certain criteria for performing laser vision correction can include current refractive status, age, corneal shape and thickness, and overall ocular health. Call today to schedule a LASIK consultation.



Retina Imaging with Optos - Katy TX
Retina Imaging with Optos

Retina Imaging with Optos

We all want to protect our eyesight and overall health for ourselves and our family - that is why annual eye exams are important. Regular eye care and exams can protect and prevent many eye diseases, if detected early. Today, a whole range of eye problems can be treated successfully without total vision loss. In addition, many vision problems begin at an early age, so it's important for children to receive proper eye care from the time they are infants.

The optomap Retinal Exam is used to get an ultra-widefield view of the retina (the back of the eye). While eye exams generally include a look at the front of the eye to evaluate health and prescription changes, a thorough screening of the retina is critical to verify that your eye is healthy.


Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease

A qualified optometrist must have a solid understanding of systemic conditions that have clinical correlations to ocular signs and symptoms and must also have an understanding of systemic conditions and medications that may contraindicate various ocular therapies.  These are integral keys in being a therapeutic optometrist who is responsible for treating and managing ocular disease.